iHonor Steve Campaign Announcement

We just got this in. From an apple and Steve Jobs Admirer Duo (Shak+Gomadam) who have started the ‘iHonor Steve Campaign’ (Check out the Facebook page). Thanks guys for using our VintageMailMaker to make the announcement. Here it is (click the envelopes to see the original letter)

iHonor Steve Campaign. Lets hit the nearest Apple Store this weekend

And here is the letter that you can print to actually drop off at the store to “iHonor Steve”

Print and Drop this off, if you like!

This is incredible. We at VintageMailMaker are sure heading to the apple store on Madison Ave today!

2 Responses to “iHonor Steve Campaign Announcement”

  1. karthik Says:

    awesome stuff guys. i am definitely headed to the store in SFO

  2. udai Says:

    u get an ‘I honour Steve’ from my side as well. Dude the I phone is his greatest creation. With his creation he has given so many people entrupreurial dreams And given birth to the apps industry. I salute And I honour Steve jobs.

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