What would Mahatma Gandhi Say to Anna Hazare?

What would the great Mahatma Gandhi write to his follower Anna Hazare today? Given Anna’s historic fast unto death in support of the Anit-corrpution Lokpal bill in India, it is interesting to ponder what Gandhi would have said to Anna.

So here is a fictional letter from the apostle of peace and non violent resistance who invented the technique of fasting as a weapon of civil disobedience.

The letter in Old Vintage Font

The same letter in Old Typewriter

3 Responses to “What would Mahatma Gandhi Say to Anna Hazare?”

  1. Satyam Says:

    well written. these politicians need to be taught a lesson.

    long live anna! long live gandhi

  2. Hema Says:

    Hmmmm…the letter really made me think….its true that we are not in Gandi era now but there are people like Anna who still follow that path and are making such great sacrifices for the country…It is an irony that around 75 percent of Indian educated youth is lost in its own world….if even one member of the family follows the path, we will be blessed!”

  3. Priya Says:

    Gandhiji, would certainly have been proud of this Indian…Good luck to Anna Hazare for his steadfast belief in his views and the nonviolent and unobtrusive way of presenting it to the nation…

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