5 Tips: How to write your best letter


Most people struggle with letter writing but if you follow this simple advice your letter writing ability will improve instantly.

Here are 5 tips to improve your letter writing…


  1. Write as if you were speaking - You want your words to come out easily on paper, as if they were in one of your conversations — so practice your letters while hearing the dialogue in your head.  It’s been said that Aristotle first gave this piece of advice in about 360 B.C. and Jane Austen has also been known to favor the same.
  2. Be honest - Tell it like it is. There’s no need to beat around the bush and it won’t help convey your message any better. Make sure you’re not holding back and say what you want to say. Your message will come out genuine.
  3. Don’t be afraid grovel - Expression is a big part of letter writing. And since you’re being honest you should also not be afraid to grovel. Hugh of Bologna wrote in his writing manual that under his guidance “the uneducated are immediately cultivated, the stutterers are immediately eloquent, the dull-witted are immediately enlightened, the twisted are immediately made straight”. So as you can see, you shouldn’t be afraid to grovel.
  4. Be spontaneous – It’s been said that formality spells death to authentic correspondence. Be spontaneous when writing a letter and it will be a refreshing to your reader. A spontaneous letter is also an honest letter.
  5. Keep it brief – I think this advice was best said in a Latin tract somewhere between 400 BC and 400 AD. Where it stated that a letter should be “restricted” and “Those that are too long, not to mention too inflated in style, are not in any true sense letters at all but treatises.”  “A letter’s aim is to express friendship briefly and set out a simple subject in simple terms. The man who utters sententious maxims and exhortations seems to be no longer chatting in a letter but preaching from the pulpit.”

We hope this will help you with your letter writing and like with most things it takes practice, so get started and good luck!


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